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Alden was our joyful and much loved daughter, sister, and friend. In May 2008 she was diagnosed with AML leukemia. Alden bravely faced debilitating chemotherapy treatments and was considered cancer free at the end of that year. She resumed school and activities of any healthy 7th grader and it was a wonderful time for our family.

Sadly, in June 2009 it was discovered this aggressive cancer was back. Alden once again courageously faced more and heavier chemotherapy and a subsequent bone marrow transplant. Our prayers for her full recovery were not answered and Alden went to be with the Lord on December 13, 2009. She was born on the 13th. She died on the 13th. She lived 13 years. All during her life Alden was full of JOY. It should have come as no surprise that the day she went to Heaven was on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, known as the celebration of “the JOY of the Lord.”


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